Wrongful Death Claims NH

Wrongful Death Claims NH

The sudden death of a loved one, without warning and caused by the carelessness of another, is one of the most painful and tragic events that anyone can live through. If you've suffered this loss, it's understandable that your emotions are running at a fever pitch, and that you have a hard time seeing even how to survive from day to day, let alone successfully navigate a legal case regarding all of the pain that you've suffered. In a wrongful death situation, it's crucially important that you have a great New Hampshire personal injury lawyer on your side to fight for you. There is a way forward to at least compensate you partially for your loss, and your lawyer is the key to your future along that way forward.


It might be difficult to think of one more painful call to make in the middle of funeral and other arrangements, but it's important that you consult with a lawyer as soon as possible. Evidence that is crucial to proving your case might not last forever—skid marks fade, memories blur, eyewitnesses disappear, and records can be lost. A lawyer can take that weight off your mind by acting immediately to gather all of the available evidence and take all of the necessary steps to ensure that the evidence is handled properly, in accordance with legal rules of evidence, and can't be challenged in court.

No one wants to admit to having caused the death of another person, and so the opposing party in your case may be very difficult to deal with. There are legal tools available to gather evidence from that party, but you'll need a skilled New Hampshire personal injury lawyer to be able to use them fully. In any case, a process called discovery must take place. Discovery gives you the opportunity to force the other party to give you certain documents and records, and to sit for a formal interview and answer questions that can be quoted as evidence in court. Knowing what documents to ask for and what questions to ask is a complicated skill that only a good lawyer can fully utilize.

You will also need the support of a good lawyer in order to deal with the discovery requests that will be posed to you. It can be very difficult to be questioned about such a painful experience—the death of a loved one—and a skilled personal injury lawyer by your side can help to ensure that no legally improper questions are asked and that no other improper requests are made by the other party.

If your case goes to trial instead of reaching a settlement agreement, you will probably have to testify about your loss and your emotional, mental, and financial hardship that you've suffered. It will be difficult, but a good lawyer can minimize the traumatic aspect of the testimony and help you to be more focused on the goal of logically presenting your case and showing the jury the damage that was caused by the other party.

Wrongful death is a complicated area of law that a good New Hampshire personal injury lawyer will be able to understand and explain clearly to you. Questions such as the intent of the other party, his or her frame of mind, his or her knowledge about the consequences of their actions, his or her duty to your loved one, and other issues must be carefully considered. Each must be accounted for, with a comprehensive plan to show what evidence will address it. Court trials are not merely the dramatic moments portrayed on television, but painstaking presentations that account for dozens of factors, all of which are legally necessary for successfully making your case.

You don't have to suffer alone, and you can be at least partially compensated for your terrible loss. Let one of our medical malpractice attorneys help you. Give us a call today for a consultation, and for the peace of mind that comes from knowing that a caring, compassionate, loyal, dedicated attorney professional is on your side and will ensure that you receive everything that you should.