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Construction site accident fall attorneys

Construction site accidents can be complicated cases, and you'll need a skilled New Hampshire personal injury lawyer to help you sort out all of the details. Our lawyers know the surprising issues that may arise, and can help you from the beginning of your suit to its successful conclusion.


One of the main complications in construction site accident cases is the fact that the construction site is known to be, and labeled as, and just obviously a dangerous area. Regulations and a construction company's own interest requires that signs be posted noting that the area is dangerous, protective gear like hard hats must be worn, and caution must be exercised. Signs might even specify that unauthorized personnel are not allowed on the site. If these precautions were not taken at the site where you were injured, and that omission contributed to your accident because it kept you from realizing and taking steps to prevent the danger, than that will certainly be relevant in your case. But in many cases, warnings were posted, and caution was exercised, but the accident happened anyway. How, then, can you receive compensation for your injuries?

The law has taken this into account. All of the prevention, warning signs, and caution in the world won't keep accidents from ever happening, just because construction sites are hazardous and unpredictable areas. But society through the decades has developed the philosophy that the financial toll of such eventualities should be borne by those best able to bear them—meaning by construction companies, who can take out insurance to help pay for accidents. Insurance providers will then require the construction sites to be made as safe as possible, decreasing the likelihood of accidents, and will compensate victims when accidents do in fact happen.

Even if the company responsible for the construction site did not have insurance, or didn't have sufficient insurance, the company can still be ordered to pay financial compensation to you for your injuries. You just need a skilled lawyer to help you make your case.

You've already suffered injuries and probably haven't been able to work—no doubt money is tight. How will you afford a lawyer? Fortunately, the law allows personal injury lawyers to work for a contingency fee. That means that you don't have to pay money up front at all. You won't have to pay a retainer, or a monthly bill, in order to have your case prepared. Instead, Liberty Legal will work on your case in return for an agreed-upon percentage of the award that you eventually receive from the opposing party, at the end of your case. You don't have to worry about affording help, and this way Liberty Legal Services can help even clients who don't have the immediate financial ability to pay. Everyone deserves justice, and to be made financially whole.

In your case, the extent and severity of your injuries will be one of the most important points of investigation, both in order for you to present your case and in order for the other party to defend against your claims. Your medical records will probably have to be provided to the other side, and you and your doctors may be required to participate in a deposition, meaning a formal interview that is recorded and transcribed so that it can be admitted as evidence in court. You'll need a skilled lawyer by your side to make sure that you aren't tricked into answering questions that you aren't legally required to answer, or that you aren't confused into accidentally making other statements against your interest.

Call our lawyers for a consultation about your case today, and don't wait any longer. Evidence can disappear with time, so don't delay. Our attorneys are here to help with your NH injury claim.