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NH Semi Truck Accident Lawyers

New Hampshire Semi Truck Accidents

Most New Hampshire motorists are familiar with the dangers that car crashes present; however, accidents involving semi-trucks, also referred to as big rigs and tractor trailers, occur almost as frequently. An accident involving a tractor trailers often result in catastrophic injuries to motorists in passenger vehicles, and depending upon the seriousness of the injuries, they can result in debilitating disabilities, astronomical medical expenses, and in some instances, death. Either way, these results are devastating to the victims and their immediate family members.

New Hampshire automobile accidents involving big rigs can result from a plethora of different causes, depending upon the particulars of the scenario and the actual driver. Semi-trucks are rather large in size. For example, the average tractor trailer measures 55-75 feet in length and weighs an average of 80,000 pounds. Depending upon the type of cargo they are carrying, these estimates can vary. Moreover, cargo loads can be hazardous in nature. If hazardous cargo loads were to overturn, it can result in extensive damage to the surrounding environment, in addition to the damage caused by the actual accident.

Because of their superior size, a tractor trailer requires significantly more room for braking and height clearance. These requirements for room translate to an increased risk for passenger vehicles and other automobiles, as well as pedestrians, that must share New Hampshire roadways with them. Just a handful of the more common risk factors involved in semi-truck accidents include driver errors, inclement weather, dangerous roadways, overloaded vehicles, and improperly balanced cargo.

Other factors that contribute to tractor trailer accidents include poor training and inexperience; however, the most frequent cause of big rig accidents is driver exhaustion. Semi-truck drivers are frequently challenged by pressure to reach their intended destination quickly and long work days. Due to a combination of exhaustion and sleep deprivation, these drivers frequently make judgments in error and poor mistakes.

New federal laws limit the amount of consecutive hours that a tractor trailer driver can spend on the road to eleven. These drivers cannot work shifts of more than fourteen hours, with no more than eleven hours being spent actually driving. A ten hour break must be taken between shifts before the driver can assume another shift. Truck drivers use log books to track how many hours they are on the road, but these books can easily be altered. Due to this fact, many trucking companies and truck drivers do not abide by them. If driver negligence is a factor in a semi-truck accident, then the driver, and their employer, needs to be held responsible.

The resulting consequences of a New Hampshire trucking accident are catastrophic and far reaching. For victims, the sheer scale of these accidents can result in minor bruises and scrapes, physical disfigurement, paralysis, burns, and death. Medical treatment by the appropriate medical professionals can be ongoing for months, if not years, and consequently, expensive. Such injuries can seriously diminish a person’s quality of life.

Victims of such accidents have several options for legal recourse in civil court when it comes to receiving monetary compensation for their physical and emotional injuries. However, when offered settlements by the insurance provider of the trucking company, they decline to do so. For the victim, this can actually be quite a serious mistake. These settlements are designed specifically to appease victims, but they do not calculate the cost of ongoing medical care. Essentially, they are superficial.

Our professional and experienced New Hampshire truck accident attorneys do not allow trucking conglomerates to run over their clients. With our eye geared towards results, our mission is to provide savvy, effective, and aggressive legal representation in a New Hampshire court of law. We like to believe that our successful track record speaks for itself. The state of New Hampshire maintains a three year statute of limitations to file a legal claim on all automobile accidents, including those involving semi-trucks. Therefore, time is of the essence.

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